“Goat Book” is a web based application along with a mobile app to help Goat producers manage their goat data. “Goat Book” allows you to track kidding data, and generate reports by bucks or entire kid crop. “Goat Book” will allow you to enter breeding information on your doe herd and project birthing dates. This application will generate individual doe productivity by keeping annual sale prices for your kid crop. The “Semen Tank” function allows you to manage your semen inventory. If you have any questions contact us.

Download the mobile app today by going to your Apple or Android store. 

The Goat Book annual subscription fee is $20.00 annually. You will receive a 30 Day Trial at no cost. Try it out. You will be notified 1 week prior to expiration to sign up for a 1 year subscription. You are not obligated to purchase a subscription once the Trial Offer expires.


- Manage Birthing Data
- Manage Breeding Data
- Manage Doe, Buck and Wether Data
- Reports on Birthing and Breeding Data
- Add birthing data to doe or buck list
- Import to Doe, Buck and Wether list
- Export Birthing, Breeding, Doe, Buck and Wether data to Excel
- Export reports and individual records to PDF
- Tracking of Vaccine, Medication, Worming, Feeding and Foot Trimming
- Data syncs to website
- Data stored on mobile device so a constant Internet connection is not needed
- Semen Tank

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